What We Do

WSX Europe (the delivery arm of WSX Enterprise Support Europe Ltd) will partner across the EU with like-minded public and private sector organisations to apply for appropriate EU funding calls.

This will include Erasmus+, Interreg and other economic development funding programmes.

WSX Europe is already working with partners across 14 EU countries on a wide range of social and economic development projects to help local communities.

Over the last 10 years, we have established a comprehensive network of public and private sector contacts across Europe with similar ambitions and values as us.

WSX Europe allows us to continue working with the European community and support those who live and work across the EU to enhance prosperity and support sustainable solutions for business and local people alike.

We welcome conversations with any of our EU colleagues and encourage you to get in touch if you are looking for a partnership or collaboration on future projects.

Our Core Values

In all that we do as an organisation and within our relationships with our customers, partners, and stakeholders.
We believe in:

Exceptional Customer Experience
We place meaningful, intelligent customer relationships at the very heart of our business. We strive to understand people as well as businesses and build relationships based on mutual respect, trust, and professionalism. We are passionate about the success of our customers and committed to delivering added value.

Succeeding Together
We work together with consideration and respect for each other and have a strong ethos of sharing and consultation. We go to great lengths to help and support each other. We take responsibility for our actions and pride in our achievements.

Integrity and Fairness
We behave with integrity and treat each other as equals. We all have a strong sense of responsibility to colleagues and the company. We appreciate and recognise every individual’s strength. We strive to ensure that our talents and resources are used wisely.

Making a Difference
We pursue our mission with passion and enthusiasm: we make a real difference to the people, businesses, and communities that we serve. We maintain the respect and confidence of our funders, stakeholders, and partners and ensure that we are the ‘Influential Partner of First Choice’.